C4 Agility Meet, 2007/06/09-10

I took about 6,000 pictures at the agility meet. I am currently sorting through them so that I am posting the pictures that aren’t obviously flawed (dog still inside the tunnel, dog mostly out of frame, fuzzy, etc.). I will post pictures in chunks as I review and process them. I will post a links to view the photos and order prints as I am able. I expect to post the first set, pictures taken from 9AM to 1PM on the 9th in the CPE ring, sometime on the 13th.

Here are a couple of samples from what I’ve reviewed so far. These are uncropped, simply resized for the web from the original files.

Caution: In order to get these posted, I’ve given up pre-screening shots. Everything is in several of these directories: blank frames, fuzzy pictures, blocked views… be careful when ordering; if the picture doesn’t look sharp on screen, it is not going to look better in print.

June 9th, Part 1: 9:31AM to 1:02PM
June 9th, Part 2: 1:03PM to 1:59PM
June 9th, Part 3: 3:00PM to 3:59PM
June 9th, Part 4: 4:00PM to 4:59PM
June 9th, Part 5: 6:00PM to 6:59PM
June 9th, Part 6: 7:00PM to 7:59PM

June 10th, Part 1: 10AM to 11AM
June 10th, Part 2: 11AM to 11AM
June 10th, Part 3: 12PM to 1PM
June 10th, Part 4: 1PM to 2PM
June 10th, Part 5: 2PM to 3PM
June 10th, Part 6: 3PM to 4PM

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