C4 Agility Meet, 2007/08/25-26

I have decided to try to get images up quickly without review, so what you get in the links includes all the clunkers that you don’t want to order, along with a few nice shots that your mantle or wall will be worse off without. Please note that if it looks fuzzy on the order page, it will look even fuzzier on a print, T-shirt, or photo mug.

Please also note that I’m offering something new: now you can order the original digital files of the photos taken during a run. Please press the button ordering a run for just one photo out of those in a run; I will collect all within that run and burn a CD-ROM with the images and send that to you. If you order more than one run, I will collect and distribute the images so that they fit on the minimum number of CDs. I’m expecting that to usually be one CD-ROM anyway, but I thought I would mention it.



Links for browsing the pictures:

August 25th, 9:00AM to 9:59AM
August 25th, 11:00AM to 11:59AM
August 25th, 12:00PM to 12:59PM
August 25th, 1:00PM to 1:59PM
August 25th, 2:00PM to 2:59PM
August 25th, 3:00PM to 3:59PM

August 26th, 10:00AM to 10:59AM
August 26th, 11:00AM to 11:59AM
August 26th, 1:00PM to 1:59PM
August 26th, 2:00PM to 2:59PM

The following animation illustrates the sort of thing that can be done by ordering the “Run on CD-ROM” set of images for a run.

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