AKC Agility Trial, 2008/07/26-27

Photos from the CCCC AKC Agility Trials at Pa-Wa-Pi near Williamston, Michigan are up:

Click here: Photos from Day 1, July 26

Click here: Photos from Day 2, July 27

I took pictures in Ring 2 on the 26th, and in Ring 1 on the 27th. Raymond Dutton took photos in the other ring each day, so be sure to visit his website for those photos.

Note on photographic gear: I’m using a Nikon D2Xs camera for taking photos here. While digital photography is substantially more economical than film photography, there are expenses involved. If I recall correctly, my camera is rated mechanically to provide about a quarter of a million shutter activations. After that, I can expect to have a costly repair to replace the shutter and mirror mechanism, or, more realistically, it will be time to replace the camera with a new one. I can take the amount paid for my camera, the number of exposures I took this weekend, and the total shutter activations and determine a bottom-line amount of wear-and-tear placed on my camera this past weekend: about $72. That’s essentially an up-front investment I’ve made in taking photos for the event. I also now have about 13 gigabytes of storage occupied by the photo files, and I need to try to store those archivally so that I can fulfill orders over at least the next six months. There’s the server space and internet connectivity to allow online browsing and ordering. I enjoy taking photos, and especially enjoy taking good photos, but I need a little assistance at least if I am going to continue doing so. If you see a good photo here that is of a friend or acquaintance, would you please consider at least dropping them an email to let them know that it exists? I would appreciate that greatly.

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