Theme Work

I switched from a fixed-width theme to the Sancta Simplicitas (SS) theme. The primary reason is that I can use a larger photo size for inclusion in a post.

I picked SS as the theme for another reason: it is based on the Yahoo! YUI Grids CSS package.

Out of the box, it used a 240 pixel sidebar on the right. That wasn’t so hot for the reason that if you reduced the size of your browser, an image could be truncated by the right sidebar.

Changing the sidebar width and layout is as simple as changing a tag in the header.php file in the theme. Unfortunately, Yahoo! YUI Grids CSS doesn’t come with a 240 pixel left sidebar option. 180 pixels on the left is too small for the calendar view, and 300 pixels on the left is just too big. Fortunately, it has been extended by a web developer who likes symmetry in code, and that allowed me to set the layout to have a 240 pixel sidebar on the left. Now, if your browser window is too small, it will present a scrollbar to view the complete image as posted.

I doubt that I will have time to do much more with the theme until September.

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