Nikon D3s

Nikon announced a new professional DSLR model, the D3s. This is a full-frame (FX) sensor with 12 megapixel resolution. It will take those at 9 frames per second. It will take 5.1 megapixel photos in “crop” mode at 11 frames per second. It has live view and will take HD video in 24 fps 720p format.

But the stunning difference is in sensor sensitivity. The standard ISO range goes from 200 to 12,800. In boost mode, it can go as low as 100, but on the high end it ends three stops of sensitivity, with an incredible high end of a bit over 100,000 ISO. The sample photos on the Nikon site show the results of up to 12,800 ISO, and it looks great. The noise does not look distracting at all.

Yeah, I want one. If anyone feels moved to drop one on me, just let me know. They are being initially offered at a retail price of about $5,200.

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