Training, Work, & Recognition

Santa Fe Catholic Regional High School Yearbook Photographer (1976-1978)
Earned Bryn Alan Studios Award for yearbook photography. Also won first place in the 1978 Florida Chapter of the National Honor Society Photography Contest.

Personal Tutoring from Lamar Philpot (1976-1978)
Professional photographer and friend of the family Lamar Philpot helped me make sense of black-and-white processes.

Staff Photographer, Independent Florida Alligator (1979-1982)
The usual college photojournalism thing, with occasional contributions to the Associated Press wire photo feed. Worked with Kim Kulish, Al Diaz, Barbara Hansen, Dave Hogerty, and many others.

Coursework at University of Florida College of Fine Arts (1979-1982)
I took a series of photography courses at UF from the Fine Arts curriculum, learning from Profs. Wallace Wilson and Evon Streetman, and alongside other artists like Kelly Culpepper.

Media Image Photography (1982-1983)
Worked for Randy Batista of Media Image Photography and Laurie Hitzig of Gallery 21. Primarily worked as the darkroom guru and macrophotography tech there, though I also assisted on projects as needed.

Lab Tech III, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Florida (1983-1985)
Provided AV and photographic services to a large medical research department.

Biologist I, Department of Physiological Sciences, University of Florida (1985-1986)
Did photography in support of research on the histology and physiology of fin whales, meaning I did everything from the scale of a full fin whale mandible down to photomicrography using the Nikon photomicroscope (which had a Namarski phase contrast system). During this time, I also took on progressively more computer programming and data analysis tasks.

Public Relations Photography, Shands Hospital (1985-1986)
I worked on projects for editorial photo publication in ShandScript magazine.

Still stock photography, PBS NOVA “Judgment Day” (2007)
Two of my still photographs were used in the production of “Judgment Day” and I received a line in the credits.

Book Cover, “The Devil in Dover” by Lauri Lebo (2009)
Lauri Lebo got in touch with me to get a photograph to adorn the front cover of her book on the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case. I was pleased to be able to provide one of Tammy Kitzmiller in the press scrum on the courthouse steps at the conclusion of the trial.

Engineering/Computer Science department brochure, Michigan State University (2009)
My portrait of graduate student Laura Grabowski was included in a glossy brochure for the department.

Portrait of Ed Brayton, “Dispatches from the Culture Wars” blog (2009-present)
Blogger Ed Brayton uses my portrait of him giving a lecture to the Center for Inquiry in Grand Rapids as his headshot on his popular and influential blog.

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