• 52-Week Photo Challenge (2014-2015)

    This gallery is for the pictures I will be taking in the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club 52-Week Photo Challenge for 2014-2015. Each year, a set of 52 themes is created, and photographers are supposed to post a blog a week, taking a theme from the set.
    REMEMBER: You need to make one post per week for 52 weeks in accordance with the pre-defined themes and can make your post on any day during that week. You are not required to start with No. 1...jump around and have fun! Photos taken before August lst are not allowed, so after August lst, grab your camera and head out to begin taking photos. If you are a "late blogger," it will be easy to catch up...just post enough photos for the number of weeks you are behind. When you post a photo, give a brief description about why you thought the photo matched the theme you selected. Be sure to name the post by number and theme name. Since you linked your website to the other 52-Week bloggers, they will all be notified via email that you have posted your photo and if you clicked into their website to follow them, you'll be notified every time they post a photo. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully, this has answered your basic questions about how to set up your 52-Week Challenge blog!
    This year's themes (2014-2015): 1. At A Distance 2. Below The Knees 3. Backlit 4. Bright Idea 5. Butterflies And/Or Bees 6. Bridge 7. Car Lights 8. Differences 9. Drops Of Water 10. Family Table 11. Favorite Room 12. Fences And Or Rails 13. Forced Perspective 14. Four Letter Word 15. Graveyard 16. Group Portraits 17. High Above 18. Holiday Spirit 19. Horses and Humans 20. Interpretation Of Art 21. It Happens Over Time 22. It's A Mystery 23. Lamp Posts 24. Long Exposure 25. Long Shadows 26. Masked 27. Musical 28. Natural Beauty 29. On Two Wheels 30. One Step At A Time 31. Panning 32. Painting With Light 33. Paths And Or Trails 34. Patterns 35. Rocky Waterscapes 36. Right Place At The Right Time 37. Rows And Rows Of … 38. Selfie 39. Shot Through Glass 40. Simplicity 41. Single Color On Black And White 42. Skyline Panorama 43. Solitary 44. Someone Working 45. Statutes/Statues 46. Still Life 47. Summer Fun 48. Sun Flare 49. Two Of Us 50. Urban Scenery 51. When The Wind Blows 52. Winter Landscapes Alternate Themes (can replace 5 of the above, if desired) A1. Blue A2. Circle(s) A3. Doors And/Or Windows A4. Night Shot A5. Reflections